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My Story

I started stringing rackets 31 years ago in a sports shop & health club I opened in Preston Lancashire, Energi Sports & Healthy Lifestyle.

Energi Sports specialised in running, squash, tennis and badminton as well as many other sports.

It was suggested that I offered an in store stringing service, so, Tim, (my friend and colleague,) (Hi Tim!) and I, were professionally trained and became qualified racket stringers. I named the stringing service established in 1993 "Preston Racket Stringing" and have kept the name since that time.

Over the past 31 years, I have strung 1000's of rackets - I take my time with every racket, I have no need to rush (fortunately - as I am a perfectionist with my work). I am now retired, and really love being at home with my family and our pets. I keep on stringing as a "professional" paid hobby - it keeps me busy..and out of trouble! I've always been interested in technical things - cars, powerful motorbikes - bought a metal lathe and a chainsaw for my 53rd birthday! So as you'll see, the technical aspect of stringing suits me just fine.

I usually have our very much loved pets "David & Jonathan" our 2 roosters, along with our 5 dogs relaxing nearby whilst I work. (I'm sure they enjoy the calm atmosphere and the beeps, chirps and clicking sounds coming from the stringing machines.)

In the good old days, Tim & I used a manual "crank" stringing machine, which was ok, but since then I have upgraded to two Electronic stringing machines (one to restring badminton one to restring tennis, squash and racketball) which are persistently, highly accurate, offering superior restrings and super features only available on electronic machines.


I really do enjoy the peace, and calm whilst stringing, it keeps me in one place, without rushing about and so able to listen to David JeremiahEd Hindson, RT Kendall, John Mc Arthur & Jan Markell Olive Tree Ministries and some music.


See you soon!



Mobile: 07340 208193

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