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Karakal PU Super Grip Universal Replacement Grip is the original PU super replacement grip, introduced nearly 30 years ago.

PU Super Grip has a soft, super tacky touch and non-slip finish. The superior absorbency nullifies vibration. These grips remain the number one grip for all racquet sports players. Extra long life and super absorbance guaranteed. Simply cut the grip to fit your racket handle.

Thickness: 1.85mm
Colour: Black, White, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow

Price £2.80 Per Grip Plus £1 fitting charge if required


Pro's Pro Comet is an excellent vibration dampening overgrip, together with super grip, durability and a sticky feeling to distinguish this super absorbent overgrip.

Comet offers a high level of comfort, very good grip control, as well as the best feeling. With removable foil and includes finishing tape.

Thickness: 0.70mm
Colour: Black, White, Orange, Blue, Yellow

Price £1.50 Per Grip Plus £1 fitting charge if required

YONEX GRIP_edited_edited.png


Yonex Super Grap is a polyurethane overwrap which absorbs shock and perspiration. Offering excellent control and feel.

Thickness: 0.60mm

Colour: Yellow, Orange, Lime, White, Black, White, Red Teal

Price £1.80 Per Grip Plus £1 fitting charge if required

Grommets & Grommet (Bumper) Strips

Squash - Tennis - Racket Ball

Complete Grommet Strip Prices range from £7.80 to £11.70

Fitting Charge: £12

Individual Grommets 30p Including Fitting

Customers can fit their own bumper strip if preferred. It is easy but time consuming. Tools required: awl, mini snips, heat source (to make strip pliable).


Comlete Set of Replacement Grommets £5 - £7

Fitting Charge: £12

Individual Grommets 15p Including Fitting

Replacement Grips

If you would like us to fit your new grip the cost for fitting is £1, as it all takes time. There are plenty of videos on YouTube though showing how to fit it yourself and save £1

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