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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. You state that you only charge trade price for strings - what does that mean?

A. Yes, we do. To keep things simple for us we literally only charge what the strings, grips etc.

cost us and not a penny more. That's why the prices look a bit odd, as they aren't rounded up.

Example, if a string costs us £5.79 we just add that £5.79 to the £16 charge to fit the string into a squash, tennis, racketball or badminton racket therefore £21.79.

Q. Is it worth having my racket restrung?

A. Yes, because when manufactured, most rackets are fitted with mediocre string, at a mid range tension. (It's a bit like having a Formula One car with a lawnmower engine put in it.) When rackets are strung at the manufacturers they are often double or even triple pulled (as opposed to the correct single pulled), this will greatly affect the playability of the racket. Rackets have often been in warehouses or in a shop for quite a while, waiting to be sold. Over time, the string degenerates, therefore giving dull kinda "flat, lifeless" performance. Fresh new strings strung to a tension to suit your style will make a huge difference!

Q. Will my restring be guaranteed?

A. Yes, all our work comes with a written guarantee for your peace of mind. Please note badminton strings of 0.66mm and thinner are suited to advanced players consistently able to hit the sweet spot. A mishit with thinner gauge string is likely to snap thin 0.66 mm string and less very quickly!

Q. Where are you based?

A. We are located at 17 Lambert Road, (just off Cromwell Road), in Ribbleton, Preston. We're 2 minutes away from Deepdale Retail Park, or, maybe you are familiar with Machine Mart on the corner of Ribbleton Lane and Blackpool Road? We're just 2 minutes away from there. We have a tall Preston Racket Stringing sign on the front, you can't miss it.

Q. How long have you been stringing rackets?

A. 29 years now! It's remarkable how racket AND string technology has advanced! Pretty interesting things, strings! Strings aren't all the same you know... There are several different types of construction. The basic strings are a solid monofilament, whereas others are made up of thousands of strands wrapped together, some have polymer coatings on, even titanium coating.

Q. Where can I park?

A. We have easy, free parking right outside the house.

Q. How do I drop my racket off? What's this "drop off slot"?

A. To make things really quick and easy for customers and ourselves, we have a racket drop off slot built into our side gate, just up our short driveway. Just pop your racket through there with your name and contact number on a bit of paper. We are alerted when a racket is dropped off, and will contact you within an hour to discuss your requirements and give any advice if you ask.

Q. Hmmm... Will it be safe in there? -  I'm not sure about putting my racket through a slot into the unknown!

A. Don't worry, yes perfectly safe. The drop off slot is soft lined and has a soft base, we are alerted when a racket is dropped off, the drop off slot and driveway are covered by alarms and 5 CCTV cameras.

Q. How will you know what I want doing?

A. Message us beforehand, or pop your requirements on a note attached to your racket, or, if you can't do that, don't worry, we will contact you within an hour, or, you get in touch with us. We'll track each other down!

Q. I don't know what tension or strings to choose, I have no idea.

A. Not many customers know about string tension / the composition of racket strings, but that's what we're here for! We will give you genuine, unbiased advice on what is best for you, then you can decide. We don't push any particular string as we don't make any profit whatsoever on the string. Free, friendly advice is in bountiful supply here. There are hundreds of different strings to choose from but stringers see a pattern of the popular choices, best sellers, and the strings that customers choose again and again.

Q. How long before I can collect my racket?

A. We will keep in touch with you, and if you need your racket the same day, just let us know - we will endeavour to move things around.

Q. May I supply my own string?

A. Yes of course, and then you will be only be charged a standard rate for the fitting of your strings, which is £16 for a tennis, badminton, squash or racketball racket.

Q. What payment do you accept?

A. We now only accept bank transfer.

Q. How / when do I pay?

A. When your racket is ready, we will let you know and provide the account details.

Q. Will I be given a receipt with my racket restring?

A. Yes of course, a receipt listing the string used, the tension etc.. You will also be given the excess string and any of the removed grommets along with a photograph of them when replaced.

Q. Do you fit grips?

A. Yes, we sell Karakal PU Supergrips, and overgrips, in a range of colours, and in black. Karakal PU Supergrips are £2.80 each. Overgrips are £1.50 each. See our Grips & Grommets page. The charge to fit a grip is £2 or you can fit it yourself for free. There are videos on YouTube showing how to fit grips.

Q. Do you accept tips?

A. No, never - please do not feel obliged to offer a tip, we never accept tips, and never have done, thanks for the thought though.... Just a smile and/or a shoulder punch will make us really, (really) happy! 

Q. Do you replace squash racket bumper / grommet strips?

A. Yes, if we possibly can though, we'll patch it up to save you money. But if you do want a brand new one, we will fit it for a charge of £12. Bumper strips have to be ordered in as there are 100's of different types! As long as it's ordered before 3:00pm weekdays it will arrive within 2 working days, and, you guessed it, we'll let you have the strip for trade price. Bumper strips take a while to fit, and are pretty fiddly things, hence the £12 charge for fitting it. Bumper strip prices range from £7.80 to £11.70.

Q. So, will you advise me on the tension if I'm not sure what to have?

A. Yes, of course, it's all part of the service.

Q. When can I drop off my racket?

A. You can drop your racket off at 3:00am if you like! Our quick, safe and easy drop off slot is open 24/7/365.The driveway and drop off slot will light up for you, and then just push the racket/s through the drop off slot in our side gate. It's all clearly marked, lit, and your racket/s will be perfectly safe in there.

Q. When may I collect my racket?

A. Rackets may be collected at your convenience from 8am until 9pm 7 days a week. Once your racket is finished we will send you bank transfer details. As soon as the transfer payment has been received, we'll confirm, and then just message us when you set off to collect and we'll pop it in the collection cabinet. We used to put rackets out when ready but a couple of cheeky one off customers have taken the completed racket and scarpered, so we've changed to pay before collect. It still runs very smoothly though.

Q. Do you replace badminton grommets?

A. Yes, replacement badminton grommets are 15p each inc. fitting. If you would like a complete new set of badminton grommets installing, we will order the set for you, they cost around £5.00 to £7.00 for a full set, custom made for various rackets. We charge £12.00 for fitting a complete set of badminton grommets as removing the old grommets and replacing new ones is very fiddly and time consuming.


Individual squash, tennis and racketball grommets are 30p each inc. fitting.

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