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Here is a short video showing where to drop in & collect your racket

Drop your racket through the slot!

When it is ready to collect we'll let you know, and then just come along anytime between 8am & 9pm, open the collection cupboard to the left of the slot - and your racket/s will be in there with your name on a tag. Simple!

Your racket/s will have the guarantee & receipt attached to the handle.

It's easy! Just park right outside, walk up our short driveway and either pop your racket through the drop off slot or collect your completed racket

As soon as your racket is ready to collect, we will let you know and put it in the collection cupboard for you. It's easy!

Rackets can be dropped off, safely and securely 24/7/365 and collected from 8am until 9pm 7 days a week. We are alerted when a racket is dropped off and will contact you within half an hour to ask your requirements

Payment is easy too! If it is just a couple of pounds, pop the cash through the drop off slot. Customers seem to prefer paying by bank transfer which is also great for us.

The drop off and collection is convenient for us as I'm usually busy stringing, so I can't break off mid racket! We hope it is convenient for you too!

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